At InCred, our experience, ongoing research and partnership with AACRAO International enable us to produce top-quality credential evaluations with an expertise in evaluating the unique educational paths of students from more than 200 countries.


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  • Provides a consistent student-athlete eligibility and credential evaluation review.
  • Eliminates duplication by issuing both credential evaluations and athletic reviews.
  • Records submitted electronically to expedite the process.
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  • Put our expertise in evaluating the educational systems of more than 200 countries to work for you!
  • Provide consistency for your decisions about international students.


  • Simplifies the admissions, recruiting and eligibility processes.
  • Offers consistency: academic credential evaluations and athletic eligibility reviews are conducted with the same approach and using the same evaluation.
  • Electronic record submission speeds process.
  • Records sent for InCred can also be used for eligibility.


  • Your staff can monitor the process of the evaluation online.
  • Electronic records submission expedites processing.
  • Evaluation options include Basic and Course-by-Course.
  • Unique features include a listing of all courses taken (including failed courses), courses taken by term and grade comparisons in a cumulative GPA form and how the student’s grades are considered in the indigenous system.


InCred evaluators are industry experts in international student educational pathways. The highly experienced team leverages recognized industry resources including AACRAO EDGE, TAICEP, NAFSA, International Student Records Advisory Group (ISRAC), Education USA contacts, a robust database of international credentials, multiple language knowledge bases and connections with top experts in the field.



  • Get started: Fill out this form and email it to InCred@naia.org to request your free, secure online portal access. Portal access is how institutional staff access completed InCred evaluations. Use the request form to create a new institutional account as well as to add or removed users from current accounts.
  • Engage your institution in conversations to accept InCred as an allowable credential evaluation service.
  • Include links to InCred and materials for your prospective international student.
  • Contact us with questions at 816-595-8390 or email us at InCred@naia.org.

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A credential evaluation assists students, admissions officers, registrars and other university staff in determining how international education compares with the U.S. system for the purpose of admissions and conversion of credits and grades. At InCred, our ongoing research along with our partnership with AACRAO IES, enables students’ credential evaluations to be issued promptly and with the highest level of expertise.
An NAIA Eligibility Center decision determines eligibility to play in the NAIA but may not contain the elements that are required for admission into NAIA schools or for the conversion of credits. The InCred evaluation can occur in advance of the eligibility decision, giving the school advanced insight into factors that can affect international students’ eligibility.
No evaluation is issued in cases of suspected fraud while InCred is taking steps to verify records. If we suspect submitted documents are fraudulent but are unable to verify the authenticity of the records, then no evaluation is issued. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, where additional evidence or documentation may be used to decide whether or not to proceed with an evaluation.

InCred will issue a report when documents submitted are confirmed to be fraudulent. These evalution reports explicitly state the confirmation of the fraud and do not recommend comparability to U.S. credentials or transfer credit. The issued evaluations are intended to clearly articulate to the recipent that fraud has been confirmed during the evaluation process.
A Course-By-Course Evaluation is for any student who has attended university/post-secondary schooling or for students who wish to earn university-level credit for work done while in high school (i.e. A-levels). A Course-by-Course Evaluation includes a Basic Evaluation in addition to a detailed list of courses completed, credits, and grades earned with InCred-recommended U.S. equivalents.

A Basic Evaluation is for students who need only their high school records evaluated. The Basic Evaluation provides information about degree comparability, grade conversion, and other pertinent details. If a student purchases the Basic Evaluation, and it is determined that he or she has advanced-standing credit available, then the evaluation will note this but will not provide course-by-course credit details. For a breakdown of recommended credit per course, the student will need to pay the difference to purchase a Course-by-Course evaluation.
Required records vary by country. Do not make assumptions about what records are required. Sending incorrect records will delay the process. Refer to InCred Documents Required by Country to determine what is needed.
InCred Evaluations allows students to submit their records electronically when registering with InCred. NAIA member schools may also send records for students, either through email to InCred@naia.org or through the mail to: InCred Evaluations 1200 Grand Blvd. KC, MO 64106. In some cases, additional information or records may be requested in a manner other than electronic form. In that case, students should follow the instructions outlined by the evaluator.
It is InCred’s goal to provide quality credential evaluation in a reasonable time frame. In most instances, evaluations will be completed within 10 business days of receiving a complete file (including payment, academic history information, and required academic records). Some evaluations may take longer if the records need to be verified or if there is suspicion that the record may have been altered.
Yes. InCred offers two options for expedited service. For the fastest turnaround, select 2-day service for $150 or 5-day service for $75. Once your application has been submitted and all required documents have been received and accepted, your 2 or 5 business day count will begin. If records need additional verification or are missing information, the 2 or 5 day clock will start again once all your information is fully submitted to InCred.
Students will appear on your list if they have indicated your institution as a recipient. You can check the status via your online login to the InCred portal.
Yes, Course-by-Course InCred evaluations indicate distinctions between upper and lower division credits. A Basic evaluation does not include this distinction.
NACES is not an accreditation body of credential evaluation companies. It is a member-based organization. Many top credential evaluation companies are not members of NACES, including AACRAO IES. InCred has partnered with AACRAO.
Yes, students can purchase a $20 add-on as part of their application and InCred will include certified copies of the records along with the completed evaluation to the institution.
If an institutional user is needed to access final evaluations and check the status of ongoing applications, please fill out this form with the details of staff person who requires access and send it to InCred@naia.org with the subject line “Institutional Access Request”. Allow up to 2 weeks for the request to be processed and InCred will send an invite to the staff person’s email as soon as possible.
If your institution would like to start receiving InCred Evaluations (and directing students to use InCred), please fill out this form with the relevant details of staff person who requires access (fill out a form for each user who wishes to have access to the account) and send it to InCred@naia.org with “Institutional Access Request” in the subject line. Allow up to 2 weeks for the request to be processed and InCred will send an invite to the staff person’s email as soon as possible. The new user will click on the link in the email invite to setup their account. Once active, that login is how the individual views secure and official InCred evaluations. This institutional account access does not cost the institution anything. By initiating this request, your institution will appear as a potential recipient list for students to select in the InCred application process. Students should select your institution during registration to ensure you can see their evaluation upon completion. You will receive an email when an evaluation is completed and ready for viewing. System-generated emails come from the email address: incred@naia.org.