Planning to attend a college or university in the U.S. and want to know how your international education compares with the U.S. system? Our ongoing research, deep experience with international students and partnership with AACRAO International enable us to issue credential evaluations with the highest level of expertise. Learn about the Records Required from your country. If you’d like to see what the registration process looks like before you begin, Use this Student Registration Guide to help.

An InCred Evaluation is required to receive and NAIA Eligibility Center determination. Need help choosing the right evaluation type for your? Use this Choosing Your Evaluation Flowchart to help.

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You will need to select a Basic High School Evaluation - $95 USD

Basic Evaluations include a description of the international credential with recommendations as to how it compares with U.S. education levels. Common situations that merit purchasing a basic are for students who have:

  • Secondary-education only
  • Not yet attended post-secondary / university outside of the U.S.
  • Secondary education-only and do not plan on receiving post-secondary credit for secondary work completed
  • Double check with your institution to learn which evaluation is right for you, institutions may have certain requirements

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You will need to select a Course-by-Course Evaluation - $190 USD

Includes the Basic Evaluation with a list of each course completed along with suggested equivalent U.S. grades and credits.

  • This tyype of evaluation is required for anyone who has attended post-secondary coursework outside of the U.S.
  • Course-by-course is the best option for students seeking transfer credit from coursework completed outside the U.S.
  • Double check with your institution's admissions or registrar's office to learn which evaluation is right for you; institutions may require this kind of evaluation regardless of education level.

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You could select a High School Comparability Report if no high school GPA is needed - $75 USD

This option is intended only for students who have only attended two or more full-time semesters of U.S. university/post-secondary and no post-secondary enrollment outside of the U.S.

Common situations that merit purchasing a High School Comparability are for students who have:

  • Never attended post-secondary coursework outside of the U.S.
  • And have attended at least two full-time semesters of U.S. post-secondary coursework and therefore no longer need to meet secondary GPA requirements for admission or eligibility
  • This option does NOT include a GPA conversion. GPA calculations are often needed for eligibility, so only select this option if you are sure you will not need a GPA calculation. Selecting this option when you actually need the GPA calculation will slow your process down and will require payment for the difference.
  • Double check with your institution to learn which evaluation is right for you, institutions may have certain requirements

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In addition to the admissions process, all first-time NAIA student-athletes must receive an NAIA Eligibility Center decision to play in the NAIA. The processes are separate. Register at PlayNAIA.org and with InCred, providing your ECID# to InCred and InCred APP # to the NAIA EC. Records sent to InCred will be be used for eligibility decisions through the NAIA Eligibility Center.  You must disclose all academic enrollment to InCred as well as the NAIA.


A credential evaluation assists students, admissions officers, registrars and other university staff in determining how international education compares with the U.S. system for the purpose of admissions and conversion of credits and grades. At InCred, our ongoing research along with our partnership with AACRAO enables students’ credential evaluations to be issued promptly and with the highest level of expertise.
A Course-By-Course Evaluation is for any student who has attended university/post-secondary schooling or for students who wish to earn university-level credit for work done while in high school (i.e. A-levels). A Course-by-Course Evaluation includes a Basic Evaluation in addition to a detailed list of courses completed, credits, and grades earned with InCred-recommended U.S. equivalents.

A Basic Evaluation is for students who need only their high school records evaluated. The Basic Evaluation provides information about degree comparability, grade conversion, and other pertinent details. If a student purchases the Basic Evaluation, and it is determined that he or she has advanced-standing credit available, then the evaluation will note this but will not provide course-by-course credit details. For a breakdown of recommended credit per course, the student will need to pay the difference to purchase a Course-by-Course evaluation.
No evaluation is issued in cases of suspected fraud while InCred is taking steps to verify records. If we suspect submitted documents are fraudulent but are unable to verify the authenticity of the records, then no evaluation is issued. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, where additional evidence or documentation may be used to decide whether or not to proceed with an evaluation.

InCred will issue a report when documents submitted are confirmed to be fraudulent. These evalution reports explicitly state the confirmation of the fraud and do not recommend comparability to U.S. credentials or transfer credit. The issued evaluations are intended to clearly articulate to the recipent that fraud has been confirmed during the evaluation process.
An NAIA Eligibility Center decision determines eligibility to play in the NAIA but may not contain the elements that are required for admission into NAIA schools or for the conversion of credits. The InCred evaluation is separate from an elbibility review and can occur in advance of the eligibility decision, giving the school advanced insight into factors that can affect international students’ eligibility. First-time NAIA student-athletes must receive a final determination of eligible to compete in NAIA competition.
Required records vary by country. Do not make assumptions about what records are required. Sending incorrect records will delay the process. Refer to InCred Documents Required by Country to determine what is needed.
Translations do not need to be done by expensive, certified translation companies. That said, we do require accurate, word-for-word translations. Anyone who is proficient in both the original language and English is able to complete the translation. If a translation is found to be inaccurate, a certified translation may be required.
InCred Evaluations allows students to submit their records electronically to help expedite the review process. Records need to be in PDF or MS Word formats and should be uploaded upon registering with InCred. In some cases, additional information or records may be requested in a manner other than electronic form. In that case, students should follow the instructions outlined by the reviewer. If you have already registered and need to submit additional records, please contact us at InCred@naia.org. For physical official documents, please upload clear scanned copies directly to the application. If documents are electronically produced, they must be verified directly or delivered directly from a verifiable institutional authority.
All students who plan to complete in the NAIA must receive an eligibility decison from PlayNAIA.org and are required to submit international transcripts through InCred. We suggest you complete your PlayNAIA registration before signing up with InCred and include your ECID# at the point of creating your InCred application.
It is InCred’s goal to provide quality credential evaluation in a reasonable period. In most instances, evaluations will be completed within 10 business days of receiving a complete file (including payment, academic history information, and required academic records). Some evaluations may take longer if the records need to be verified or if there is suspicion that the record may have been altered or changed. It is best to avoid peak times in the fall right before sport seasons begin to avoid delays as processing times may take longer for late applications.
Yes. InCred offers two options for expedited service. For the fastest turnaround, select 2-day service for $150 or 5-day service for $75. Once your application has been submitted and all required documents have been received and accepted, your 2 or 5 business day count will begin. If records need additional verification or are missing information, the 2 or 5 day clock will start again once all your information is fully submitted to InCred.
Included in the InCred evaluation fee is the ability to select up to 4 institutions to receive the evaluation through the secure, online InCred portal. It is best to select the recipient institutions at the initial InCred application point. Additional recipients for InCred Evaluations can be added later but may be charged a submission fee. InCred Evaluations are not faxed.
If you are a student who is still enrolled in university, but you have completed at least one previous semester, you can receive an in-progress evaluation, if needed. An updated evaluation can then be issued once we receive your final transcript. There may be an additional cost associated with receiving an updated evaluation. A final InCred report is required for NAIA eligibility that includes coursework through the completion of your current studies. We recommend waiting to receive an InCred report until your university studies outside the U.S. are concluded and a transcript is available (unless an in-progress report is needed for an admissions deadline).
If a student reports only a partial academic history on the initial InCred application, but then wishes to have more records evaluated, then a new credential evaluation will need to be purchased in full. It is therefore important to include a complete, thorough and accurate academic history when registering.
Check your InCred profile for all updates related to your InCred Evaluation. You will need to sign in with your user name and password. Your profile will reflect an updatd statuse when your records are completed, when your evaluation is assigned an evaluator, and then when your InCred Evaluation is completed. If additional information or records are needed, details will be noted on your online profile.
If an additional school needs to receive your final evaluation, please fill out this form and send it to InCred@naia.org. The form must be completed fully and accurately to be processed. Allow up to 2 weeks for the request to be processed and InCred will add that institution as a recipient, where they can login to their secure InCred Portal to view the completed evaluation.
Please contact us if you disagree with the information in your report. If there has been an error, it can be corrected at no additional charge. If no error is found, there is a $50 re-evaluation request fee.
If you are a student who is still enrolled in high school and set to conclude shortly, but you need an in-progress credential report for an admissions deadline, you can receive an in-progress report. If you need the InCred report for eligibility, you will be required to receive an InCred report upon the final completion of your secondary school (unless you are attending school in a British-patterned secondary school and will meet initial freshmen requirements with the submission of a Sixth Form Letter that confirms your enrollment and exams you are registered to take). If you receive an in-progress report and later need a final one for eligibility purposes, there may be an additional cost associated with receiving an updated evaluation. Unless needed for an admissions deadline, we recommend waiting to receive an InCred report when your secondary education has concluded.
InCred registration is non-refundable once the student’s file has begun processing by InCred staff. Processing includes notification of needed records, communications with institutions on the student’s behalf, receipt of records and/or any communications with the student regarding their evaluation.